WE BELIEVE fully that our clients should have every opportunity to experience an active and enriched quality of life.Their lives and ours are shaped by guiding principles that encourage each individual to thrive where they live, work and play. Our services and programs establish safe, clean and comfortable environments where clients’ special needs are met with great care and attention.




Love Play, Love Work, Love Life

“More than anything, quality of life is the essential ingredient in what ELs offers to the people that we serve.  Our homes each have an energy and spirit that is very special.  When I see our clients thriving I know we are in a perfect place.”-Jennifer Burgess, CEO

To empower adults with disabilities to thrive within their home and their community

Empowerment Living Services

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our mission:

Empowerment Living Services

"My favorite part is running into our clients at community events.  I love seeing the staff and clients dancing at concerts and blending into community life." - Gina Rauen, VP Of Operations

“It is so important for us to always be part of the direct care that each of our clients require.  Staying connected to them is very satisfying and meaningful.  They inspire and inform our lives”Kristin Burgess, CFO


333 North Commercial Street, Suite 300, Neenah WI 54956

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

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