Jennifer Burgess    

Jennifer Burgess is a 2002 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  Her career in the health care combines experience as a Day Program Case Manager, Activity Aid, and Group Home manager of individuals with sever behavioral issues.

As an owner of Empowerment Living Services, Jennifer is responsible for Staff relations and new client assessment and program development.

Kristin Jensema     

Kristin Burgess is a 2004 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  While attending school at UW Oshkosh  she worked direct care at a group home facility and completed an internship with the ARC of Winnebago County.   Her experience with the developmentally disabled and mentally ill furthered her career as a day program client coordinator. 

As an owner of Empowerment Living Services, Kristin is responsible for facilitating Client Travel, Human Resource Management and Accounting.

“More than anything, quality of life is the essential ingredient in what ELs offers to the people that we serve.  Our homes each have an energy and spirit that is very special.  When I see our clients thriving I know we are in a perfect place.” - Jennifer

Gina Rauen            

Gina Rauen studied at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and gained work experience through Empowerment Living Services.  Gina has been working with Empowerment Living Services since 2007 and continues to work hands on with all of the clients that we serve. 

As vice president of Empowerment Living Services, Gina is responsible for maintain quality assurance and state compliance within all of our homes, scheduling and employee relations.

"My favorite part is running into our clients at community events.  I love seeing the staff and clients dancing at concerts and blending into community life."

“It is so important for us to always be part of the direct care that each of our clients require.  Staying connected to them is very satisfying and meaningful.  They inspire and inform our lives” - Kristin

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