Empowerment Living Services

our mission:

To empower adults with disabilities to thrive within their home and their community

WE BELIEVE fully that our clients should have every opportunity to experience an active and enriched quality of life.  Their lives and ours are shaped by guiding principles that encourage each individual to thrive where they live, work and play.  Our services and programs establish safe, clean and comfortable environments where clients’ special needs are met with great care and attention.





ELS is currently hiring!  We offer competitive pay, full benefits, and a flexible schedule for individuals in school or with second jobs.


Everyone deserves to take a break from their day to day routine. ELS will help to tailor vacations to the wants and desires of the clients that we serve.


ELS is not just a residential company that meets the needs of our clients while at home.  We take every opportunity to get into the community and attend social events!


We have homes located throughout Winnebago County.  All of our homes are clean, comfortable and decorated in modern décor.