JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                        


All Empowerment Living Services employees are required to:

Maintain professional boundaries with all clients;
Understand and follow the client’s behavioral plan;
Never leave clients unattended unless the care plan specifies otherwise;
Complete client personal cares as scheduled on the care plan as needed;
Maintain positive interactions with clients;
Ensure that clients are the primary focus while at the house;
Exceed expectations with clients by taking special outings;
Follow the outing plans as assigned;
Participate in activities that keep clients engaged;
Attend all client needs immediately.


All Empowerment Living Services employees are required to:

Complete all cleaning tasks while on shift;
Take initiative to exceed the chore list and other duties as needed;
Notice and report any needed household repairs;
Include outdoor maintenance as part of your responsibility;
Care for household pets while on shift;
Pay attention to the “little things” at the house that will assist clients, such as sorting laundry before washing, pre-rinsing dishes before loading in dishwasher, etc.


All Empowerment Living Services employees must:

Maintain an impeccable attendance record;
Co-operate with co-workers to cover or trade shifts if necessary;
Arrive on-time to work the scheduled shift;
Remain on duty for the complete scheduled shift, unless requested otherwise by a supervisor;
Follow proper procedures for call-ins;
Follow proper procedures for request offs;
Follow proper procedures to trade shifts;
Remain flexible but prevent outside obligations to interfere with work schedules;
Utilize the clock-in / clock-out procedures accurately;
Check and monitor time cards and report errors in a timely manner;
Manage human resources account and update information changes independently
Volunteer to work additional shifts or trade shifts with co-workers as necessary;
Understand that all employees are scheduled to work weekends and holidays;
Maintain appropriate boundaries and a professional relationships with co-workers.


All Empowerment Living Services employees must:

Make the needs and desires of clients a priority;
Follow the ELS dress code;
Maintain a positive company identity using appropriate behavior, actions and attitudes while in the community;
Complete needed forms accurately and in a timely manner;
Complete basic tasks as directed independently;
Accept redirection and additional training as necessary.


Employees of Empowerment Living Services are also required to have an open-minded, flexible approach to the position for which they were hired. Not all areas of responsibility can always be predicted and not all task areas can be defined completely. Additional assignments and responsibilities may arise during the course of employment. Concerns about any issues related to job responsibilities should be addressed with supervisors.